Wisteria Park


Wisteria Park was a large district in the North end of Halcyon City, to the west of November Hill (where WWU is located). It was a very popular area with a large park, rivers, a self sustained and renewable neighborhood that ran on green energy, as well as a thriving arts and music community.


Six months ago, an yet unknown crimelord found out that the heroine REQUIEM lived somewhere in Wisteria Park. In order to dispose of her, he used a terrible mutagen bomb and detonated it in the center of the district, causing an earthquake that nearly leveled the entire city.


Most of the damage in the surrounding areas of Wisteria Park have been fixed in that time, however the district itself has been turned into a warzone. The bomb caused significant damage to the wildlife there, creating huge, intelligent, carnivorous plants and mutated animals. It has become an infestation of gangs and criminal activity, and about a month ago Wisteria Park was officially quarantined by Mayor Godric, a barrier now surrounding the contaminated area.


Access is severely restricted, there are several entrance points that are heavily guarded.

Wisteria Park

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