The Pentagons


Back in the Golden Generation of heroes, organized crime was not as rampant in Halcyon City as it is today. Whether you believe you can attribute the rise of heroes to the rise of crime or vice versa, one undeniable consequence of the effectiveness of Superheroics is the rise of The Pentagons, the most powerful crime conglomerate in all of Halcyon City. Created by the unification of the Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, and Vietnamese criminal enterprises in the city, The Pentagons have maintained a steady presence in Chinatown and Downtown since their creation. From drugs, human trafficking, and gambling to white collar crime on a large scale, The Pentagons are said to have a man in every corner, and a dollar from every man. 

Recently, the Pentagons have begun acquiring more territory in lower income neighborhoods such as The Crucible. It appears The Flood opened the gateway to some new business for The Pentagons. 



  • Red and Blue Oni
  • The Corroder 
  • Peng, a known sneak and owner of Peng's Palace, a popular casino and Pentagon hangout. 

The Pentagons

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