The Outcasts

The Outcasts are group of superheroes dedicated to fighting crime in Halcyon City. With an underground base beneath Whitworth University, the crime fighting team primarily operates around November Hill and The Crucible.

The Outcasts were formed by The Stranger, The Wax Man, and Mercury when they fought off a mutated plant monster from Wisteria Park by sending it into the ocean, averting a lot of the potential damage it would have caused.

The Outcasts were forever changed by the events of The Flood, when Mercury destroyed his body diverting a bomb away from the Halcyon City coastline, evaporating in the process. A few weeks later, they encountered Kanabo while fighting off two criminals during a bank robbery, and he reluctantly joined the team.


Outcast Members:

  • The Stranger (De-facto leader)
  • The Wax Man
  • Mercury (Deceased?)
  • Kanabo

The Outcasts

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