Mayor Leon Godric

The uncompromising 'savior' of Halcyon City.


A stern, well groomed figure, Mayor Leon Godric is the face of the movement to ‘Bring Halcyon City Back’. A distinguished general, Leon came back to his home of Halcyon City after the disappearance of The Sanctus, and quickly became a popular candidate in the upcoming Mayoral race. He won in a landslide, on the promise of curbing the wave of crime and super powered villainy that had taken over Halcyon City, citing these as the cause of the recent economic downturn.

Since being elected, Mayor Godric has established the Advanced Response Unit (A.R.U), a division of H.P.D that would respond to super powered threats. He has also passed the Halcyon Enhanced Registration Ordinance(H.E.R.O), a controversial piece of legislation that requires all heroes and hero organizations to register with Halcyon City, although currently the real life identities of the registered heroes are not needed.

Mayor Leon Godric

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