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Two years ago the "Sanctus of Infinity" went into deep space after some cosmic being and never returned. As a result, chaos and darkness has started to seep into the edges of Halcyon City.


            Organized crime, a rise in super-powered villains, drug trafficking, smuggling, corruption, and poverty have started to rise again in Halcyon City, especially in the poorer boroughs.


            A new mayor has been elected, Mayor Leon Godric. Godric ran on a campaign of bringing order back to Halcyon City, starting with the strengthening of Halycon's City Police Force with a special super powered division. He has also begun tightening the rules for vigilante activity, requiring superheroes and superhero organizations to register publicly (this can be done without revealing one's secret identity).

            Our story begins in the small neighborhood of November Hill, where three students at Whitworth University will meet, and discover their destinies.



Main Page

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