The Wax Man

A young man transformed into an undulating abomination of flesh. Worst prom ever.


Daniel “Ace” Alvarez had a lot going for him.

He was 18, graduating fifth in his class from East Halcyon High, co-captain of the Premier Halcyon Youth Soccer Basketball League, President of the local Penbrook Outreach Society, and boyfriend to Francesca Martin. With an acceptance to Whitworth University, no one could deny his bright future.

There was one thing Daniel didn’t have though. No matter how well he did in school, how many trophies his team won, or how much good he tried to do for his city, he couldn’t get more than a passing interest from his dad, Dr. Lucas Alvarez.

Dr. Alvarez’s work was his life. He would spend back-to-back days, or even weeks, without leaving his lab in the back of the family house. Recruited by the Halcyon City Police Force for his research into the creation of superhumans, the doctor could spare little time for his son.

On May 14th, the night of East Halcyon High’s prom, that certainly changed.

In a haze of spiked punch and frustration, Daniel left his friends partying in the school’s gymnasium as he made for home. His father had been excited about his new formula that week, a potential breakthrough that had granted his lab mice with incredible powers. There was only one thought on Daniel’s drunken mind: it was time to become a hero.

He woke up, three weeks later, in agony.

In place of his body was an undulating mass of fetid flesh, seeming to move on its own as he shifted in the hospital bed. His head was on fire with the sounds and smells of the world, his senses heightened to an excruciating degree. It would take months of physical therapy to move again, and that time again to be able to hold a conversation.

Dr. Lucas Alvarez, fascinated by his son’s transformation, hardy left his side.

It took over a year to recover. Daniel disconnected himself from his old life, cutting off all contact with friends who could not possibly understand what he was. He enrolled in Whitworth to study the fringe science that had made him into this monstrosity and led a solitary life with that singular focus. His father put him through all manners of test and experimentation, helping him live with his new body.

Slowly, Daniel realized he had some manner of control over his new flesh, crudely expanding, contracting, and reshaping it at will. And his senses, although terribly overwhelming, were heightened to an absurd degree. While not quite the hero he imagined, he would be able to help others after all.

Now in the middle of his freshmen year at Whitemore, he has teamed up with two of his gifted classmates, Hector (Mercury) and Ignis (The Stranger), to do some good with his strange abilities.

Daniel’s alter ego is The Wax Man, after his dripping, bubbling, and melting flesh.

What danger lies ahead for this unexpected hero? Will Daniel ever find his humanity again? Will he dsicover a cure for his monstrous form? When all is said and done, will he even need one?

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The Wax Man

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