The Stranger

Kidnapped by aliens. Raised by a sociopath. And you thought your parents didn't understand you.


Ignis Alabastor was just a normal kid… Until he was kidnapped by aliens. At the age of 4, Ignis was taken from his home and raised on another world. When he returned to Earth, he had no memory of where he had been or what he had done. Vague flashes of a clean home, a mother’s smile, a favorite climbing tree all echoed through his head, but nothing more. Ignis searched for his old home as best he could, but with only vague memories to guide him and an entire world to search, he quickly realized the futility of his search. However, he had a new power at his disposal. He was able to copy the skills and abilities of those that he touched. He exploited this power and quickly made a name for himself on the street. Before long, he was the leader of a small-time gang of criminals

At 14, Ignis and his gang were stopped and dismantled by Echelon, one of many of Halcyon city’s vigilantes. For reasons that remain mysterious even to Ignis, Echelon took Ignis under his wing and raised him to use his powers for good… Or for Echelon’s ideas of good, at any rate. After learning how to break a man’s nose, how to crack the tightest security systems around, and how to control his powers, at least a bit, Ignis set out to make a name for himself in the pursuit of good; by day at Whitworth University, and by night as the masked vigilante The Stranger. While he and his team of Outcasts haven’t pulled off any unambiguous victories yet, they’re learning more about each other all the time and doing their best to tell right from wrong in this crazy world.

Ignis is the first, and so far only, member of the Outcasts to kill his own “brother.”


The Stranger

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