The Stranger's alien brother, in that he is both extraterrestrial and strange


“What do I want? Why, to kill the Architect of course!” – Skeev


Skeev was ripped away from his parents at an early age and turned into a vessel for Traveler technology, just like The Stranger. However, upon being returned to the world, Skeev was left homeless and alone on a planet that had been ravaged by space pirates in his time away. Forced to scramble and planet hop to survive, Skeev became a scrounger and a criminal, and upon meeting with The Architect for his initial check-up, was deemed unfit to carry on the Traveler legacy. Enraged, Skeev swore revenge on The Architect, and followed him to Earth, where he found work with Despot in the hope of using Despot’s resources to take down The Architect and supplant him in ranks of The Travelers.


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