Kanabō - AWOL

His parents signed a pact with some demons. Conditions and terms may apply.


Deep within the forested mountains of Japan in the Kurokawa (黒川) prefecture there lies a Torii, a structure known as the Demon Gate. The gate serves as a barrier between the physical realm and Jigoku (地獄), a terrible hellscape filled with monsters, ghosts, and otherworldly spirits. Were this gate ever to fall, the evils inside Jigoku would be able to enter the physical realm and terrorize… mostly Japan I guess.

In the 13th century the Demon Gate was used by a Shogun, desperate for more power as a means of contacting a clan of terrible and powerful Oni. A contract was drawn up, sealed in blood, allowing the Oni to use the Shogun and his men as vessels to enter the physical realm and unleash their powers on the Shogun’s enemies. The Shogunate and his army, known as the Demon army of Kurokawa launched a terrible crusade that almost conquered all of Japan, until they were finally defeated by a samurai with superior Nippon steel. The signature of the Shogun faded away from the contract, the scroll was lost in time and forgotten, until it somehow ended up in a pawn shop in Halcyon City.

About 15 years prior to the events of The Outcasts the scroll was stolen in a pawn shop robbery by two small time crooks, Masaki Uchida and Ana Maria Clara. Masaki and Ana had met in high school, and dropped out together, claiming that they didn’t need anything but each other and their love. This turned out to false when they realized love would not be able to feed or shelter them, and decided that all they needed was each other, their love, and also crime. The two made their way across America, robbing from whoever they needed to make it to the next city. Along the way they had a son, James Uchida, who they would occasionally bring with them on stick ups in a swaddle.

Anyways back to this scroll thing, when Masaki and Ana examined the scroll an open wound from Masaki’s arm dripped blood onto the parchment, signing the contract and bonding the young family to the clan of Oni, ancient demons with terrible powers (remember from earlier?). Masaki and Ana found that they were each bonded to an Oni from the clan, and they could ‘let the demon out’ by transforming into these huge, hulking demons, giving them incredible strength and durability. The two became an infamous duo in Halcyon City, and terrorized the populace while raising their child on the side.

While his parents, the red and blue Oni did battle with the caped crusaders of Halcyon City James grew up alone in a large estate a few miles outside of the city limits. He was homeschooled, his parents paying for private tutors to teach him everything they thought was worth learning. James didn’t interact with many people beyond his parents, in fact his only friend was the voice inside his head, the Oni he had been fused with known as Ushitora (丑寅). Whenever his parents weren’t ‘working’, James’ parents would take him out to the mountains, where they would spend weekends transformed into their demon forms, teaching their son how to be more acquainted with his powers. What James didn’t know was that his parents were preparing him to join the family business, to turn the demonic duo into a terrible trio (or a savage sextet?).

When James turned sixteen he was allowed to join his parents, and go on his very first ‘mission’. Teaming up with the Pentagons the Oni clan attacked the Halcyon National Bank, serving as a distraction while the Pentagons attempted to steal powerful artifacts hidden in the vaults below. This of course drew the attention of many of Halcyon’s heroes, and the battle quickly escalated onto the city streets. It was here, among the burning flames of wrecked cars and the sounds of people shrieking and fleeing in terror that James realized ‘hey, maybe we’re the bad guys’. The battle was getting too hot, and James’ parents called for a retreat, throwing a semi at the heroes as a window for escape. However when the truck was exploded by a magical bolt from Senor Fantastico, James saw a flaming piece of debris flying towards an unarmed citizens. Without thinking he leaped in the way of the debris and took the blow for the girl, falling to the ground as members of the Sanctus moved in to capture him.

Seeing this, James’ parents charged back into the fray, taking on the entire Sanctus of Infinity in order to give their son the chance to escape. James managed to get away safely, but both of his parents were captured in the process.

When did you officially become part of your legacy?
On my 16th birthday.

What’s the greatest accomplishment of your legacy?
Defeating The Actuators (robot hero team) and stealing millions of dollars in artwork.

How does the public perceive your legacy?
Poorly. Although it was 2 years ago there have been plenty of villains since.

How does your legacy tie into your reason for being a hero?
To be better than my parents/internal guilt for all the money I had growing up.

Why do you care about the team?

Kanabō - AWOL

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