The world's deadliest (and most expensive) assassin


“Today’s top story, the assassin known as ‘Carrion’ has struck again, this time finishing the hit on Mayor Yeezy that was foiled by Bioman just last year. This marks the 307th known kill by Guilherme Silva, who evaded police capture yet again.” – Andrew Nathan Kore, Halcyon City News


Despite his identity being common knowledge and his victims being high profile, the assassin known as Carrion remains at large today. Boasting hundreds of confirmed kills, Guilherme Silva is known for using his cybernetic augmentations to secure kills and elude capture across the globe. In his most high profile assassination, Carrion managed to kill the American Secretary of Defense in broad daylight before escaping from the former speedster of the Sanctus of Infinity, Velocity, also known as the Fastest Man on Earth. Recently rumors circulating the dark corners of the internet place Carrion in Halcyon city, where he apparently has taken up a residency as the enforcer for the cruel and secretive Despot.


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